Dr. Grauer is the best orthodontist! He strives for the absolute best results and will not rest until both he and his patients are 100% satisfied with the result of their teeth and smile. On top of his professionalism, he’s also a pleasure to be around making the time in the orthodontist chair fly by. I would recommend him to any of my friends with orthodontic needs-no job is too small or too large for him to tackle.

Aiko Fujimoto,

Dr. Grauer and his staff did a phenomenal job perfecting my smile with lingual braces. I had high expectations going into the whole process as they are known to be one of the best ortho practices in the nation but they far exceeded my expectations.  Having spent the last 18 months with them, I can truly say that Dr. Grauer is a perfectionist and it shows in all of his work.

Blake B. Johnson, CEO IMCA CAPITAL

Having worn braces 4 separate times in my life, I definitely consider myself an authority on the “Orthodontic Experience”. Dr. Grauer and his staff not only gave me the perfect smile, but the perfect experience.As a fitness professional, I know I can train my body into proper form, and now thanks to Dr. Grauer and lingual braces, they’ve trained my teeth as well.

Talia Terese, TV Host /Miss Bikini USA 2011